study bachelor of medicine in Ireland

Are you studying for a degree in medicine? Here are some of the advantages of studying it overseas.

For the majority of young students, medicine and engineering are the two most profitable and sought-after professional possibilities. These are the two disciplines of education that attract a huge number of high school students to study Science. However, whereas engineering schools are springing up all over the place, increasing the number of engineering seats available to students, the number of medical institutions remains constant and small. This is where the possibility of studying medicine in a foreign country comes into play. The restricted medical colleges and seats should not limit the possibilities and opportunities for bright and ambitious students, as the demand for good doctors grows every day. They should look at studying at overseas universities. There are several advantages of studying a bachelor of medicine in Ireland, thinking outside the box, and applying. Here are a few examples.

Better Curriculum Vitae.

The academic advantages of studying abroad are the most significant. Without a doubt, the education provided in a foreign medical school is of the finest conceivable quality. As a result, after you finish your medical degree at a foreign university, your CV or curriculum vitae will seem impressive. This accomplishment will give your CV a huge lift and give you a leg up on the competition for your ideal job. Your expertise will never be called into doubt since overseas medical schools are always on top of the latest procedures, discoveries, innovations, and research. Furthermore, your CV will stand out among the countless applications that every hospital receives at any given moment from individuals with a national college diploma. Any degree, certificate, or certification from a foreign university is a terrific way to boost your CV and gain access to new experiences and chances.

study bachelor of medicine in Ireland

Enhanced Career Prospects.

Once you've completed your medical education at a foreign institution, you may be confident that landing your desired career would be a breeze. If you've always wanted to work in a specific nation or if you fall in love with a city or country while studying abroad, you can be certain that once you get a degree from a foreign medicine school, finding a job in any hospital in that city or country will be simple. When you acquire a lucrative job in a foreign country, it goes without saying that the remuneration will be substantial. This is certainly in comparison to what physicians in your own country would be paid for the same qualifications and education requirements.

New Country/Countries to see.

If you still believe studying abroad is a good idea, one big benefit would be the chance to visit a new nation or many countries, assuming you have or can secure a visa. Who doesn't desire to go to new locations? If studies provide you with this option, you should take advantage of it. Visiting new places with your buddies while you're young is a whole different experience. However, you must keep in mind that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for just a small percentage of pupils globally. As a result, you must take advantage of it and not neglect your academics. If you don't do well or aren't a decent doctor, none of the advantages of studying medicine will be realised. Now that you're aware of all the advantages of studying medicine in a foreign medical school, all you have to do is locate a decent university or medical school in the nations of your choice.

How to Pick The Best Airtight Containers?

Purchasing airtight containers for storing food or packing lunches can appear to be an unnecessary expense at times, but let's take a look at some of their unique characteristics that make them extremely useful in various situations. 

Airtight containers are extremely unlikely to accidentally open inside your bag, allowing the contents to spill out. Second, because they are airtight, they keep your chopped vegetables, for example, fresher for a longer period of time than other containers. They also help to keep moisture and air in while keeping out those pesky food critters who love to gnaw on your cereals, coffee, sugar, flour, and other kitchen staples from getting in. Finally, airtight containers are usually convenient to keep in storage (especially compared to the boxes food is usually sold in). If you are looking for one, visit this Malaysia airtight food storage container.

What to look for when buying an airtight container:

When purchasing an airtight container, the material from which it is constructed is the most important factor to consider. Also consider what you intend to use it for, as you will need to purchase different containers for storing your food than you would purchase for transporting your food, both in terms of material and number of compartments. 

  1. Glass

Glass containers are among the most popular as glass doesn’t stain and is odor-free. Glass is also considered one of the safest materials for storing food as it doesn’t contain any chemicals that might affect the quality of the contents. On the other hand, glass containers are heavy and prone to shattering if they fall, so they are not as well suited for transporting food. 

  1. Plastic

The most important characteristic of plastic airtight containers is their light weight, which makes them particularly well suited for transporting foods. However, when purchasing plastic containers, be cautious because some of them may be made from materials that contain the toxic chemical BPA. Make sure to choose products that are not made with BPA in them. 

  1. Stainless Steels

In terms of durability, stainless steel is the most reliable element for airtight food storage containers. As a result, they are free of potentially harmful chemicals and are guaranteed to keep your food fresh for an extended period of time because they also shield the contents from direct sunlight. On the negative side, stainless steel vessels are thicker than plastic or acrylic containers, and you can't see what's inside as easily as you can with these materials.


It's best to buy separate items for each purpose, such as airtight containers and lunchboxes, because they can store raw or cooked food. It is essential to have multiple compartments in airtight lunch boxes so that different foods can be separated. Also, bear in mind that these containers must be lightweight if they are to be used for packed lunches for children. Containers with an airtight lid and multiple compartments are ideal.

3 Tips for New Renters

Renting your first apartment in Bandar Utama is a natural first step toward moving out of your parents' home. The independence that comes with moving out on your own is wonderful, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility.

It's a big thing to be a first-time renter. You're on your own and have complete freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want. It also entails paying for services (such as utilities) that you aren't accustomed to. I've been in your shoes before, completely unsure of what I was doing. But it taught me something and helped me grow... I suppose you could call myself an "intermediate adult" going through the motions of adulthood.

Make the most of your first apartment living experience. Follow these first-time renter advice to enjoy (and navigate) all of the benefits of being a renter!


Creating an apartment budget might assist you in saving money for your first apartment. Even after you move in, sticking to your budget goals is a terrific way to build your funds for rent, utilities, home décor, and other expenses.

For your first apartment, you should never spend more money on rent than you can afford. Rent should not account for more than 30% of your overall revenue. Another budgeting approach to use is the 50/30/20 rule, which will help you save for the security deposit or first month's rent.

When making a budget, remember to include all of your monthly spending and leave room for unforeseen costs. Living with a roommate allows you to split your bills, which will help you save money and stick to your budget.


While looking for an apartment, keep in mind the requirements you listed on your checklist. Isn't it true that you made one? Your apartment requirements range significantly from your apartment desires. It's your must-haves, the things that will make you feel most at ease in your own house.

You'll need an apartment within walking distance of public transportation if you don't possess a car. Pet owners will need to locate a pet-friendly neighbourhood that is receptive to their four-legged companions.

A "desire" is something you'd like to have in your apartment or apartment community. You could put them on your wish list, but you can live without them. This category includes amenities such as a swimming pool and chrome finishes. Determine your requirements first, and then rejoice when your apartment includes some of your desires! When the cosmos works its magic for you, it's a wonderful sensation.


Renters may now easily examine new houses from afar thanks to online apartment tours. A good old-fashioned walking tour of the flat, on the other hand, can help you get a feel for the neighbourhood. Schedule a tour of an apartment community to get a sense of the layout, community atmosphere, and how amenities, such as the trash collection area and fitness facility, are maintained on a regular basis.

When you're on a tour with the property manager, ask questions. What is your policy on residents receiving packages and mail? When are the calm hours in the neighbourhood? These are excellent questions to ponder. Make a list of questions based on the things that are important to you.

You don't have to be concerned because you're a first-time renter. Living in your own apartment will be a fantastic experience, but it will also bring with it some new obligations. That is all there is to it. You'll get the hang of it once you start living in your new place.

Treasurer (Bendahari) and Its Role in State Revenue

Learning about state revenues and expenditures cannot be separated from the role of the treasurer. The vocabulary is very familiar because almost all of our organizational structures need it. Likewise in a large-scale organization called the state, what big role does the treasurer actually have? 

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All we know about the treasurer is the one who deals with the money. Before we know the role of a treasurer, of course, we must first identify who the treasurer is. The treasurer is someone who is given the task of receiving, storing, and/or delivering money or securities or state goods. A treasurer who is obliged to report his responsibility to an audit. A treasurer is any person or entity assigned the task for and on behalf of the state/region to receive, store, pay, and or issue money/securities/state-owned goods/ area.

The Task of  Treasurer or Bendahari

By knowing who the treasurer is, of course, we realize that the task of a treasurer is not only about withdrawing money, the duties and roles of the treasurer are very broad. On a national scale, the treasurer certainly has an important role in state revenue. Several important roles of the treasurer in state revenues have been mentioned in Law No. 17 of 2003 concerning the meaning of the treasurer. The treasurer in a broad state structure is certainly not as simple as in a small organizational structure that only consists of a treasurer, but is divided into several departments. Because we relate to state revenues, the main object of this discussion is of course the revenue treasurer. 

Revenue of The Treasurer 

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The revenue treasurer has a very important role in state revenue, because in addition to receiving, storing, depositing, the revenue treasurer must also administer and account for the state revenue money. In its initial role, when a treasurer registers as a taxpayer, the fault of the personal taxpayer or business entity whose tax is deposited with the treasurer will be his personal responsibility as a tax recipient. Many ordinary people think that those who collect taxes are tax employees. Even someone working in Ebanking online malaysia could be a treasurer in the future.

In fact, if we know it turns out that someone who has a role in cutting or collecting taxes himself is not a DGT employee or tax employee but a treasurer. 

E-billing or EBanking Online Malaysia 

A treasurer has the same task as a taxpayer, namely depositing taxes which are collected to a designated bank teller or through an e-Billing application. In carrying out its obligations to pay taxes, there are other obligations that follow. If there is an error in the withholding and collection, the person responsible is not the individual/corporate taxpayer whose tax is being withdrawn but the treasurer. E-banking online Malaysia can be one of the treasurer’s responsibilities if assigned. 

In Conclusion 

From this explanation, we can conclude that the role of a treasurer in encouraging an increase in state revenues is very large. State revenue, a treasurer is also responsible for state revenues if there is an error. In addition, from the explanation above, we also know better that a person who collects taxes is not a tax employee but a treasurer. Becoming a treasurer is certainly not an easy task, apart from having many tasks, a treasurer also has a great responsibility. For that we need someone who is not only intelligent but also honest, thorough, and careful to be the treasurer. So that when carrying out his duties a treasurer can encourage the increase in state income and not make mistakes that will harm himself and the state of course.