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Types of Digital Marketing in Republic Part 2

In my last article, I wrote about what is digital marketing as well as explained a few types that are used in the market today. Today I’ll continue with the remaining digital marketing services that are offered by Republic. Be sure to check out part 1 right here. 

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective marketing methods, despite the rise of social media, smartphone apps, and other platforms. It can be utilised as a part of a content marketing strategy to provide value to customers and eventually convert them into paying customers. Research has shown that to date, email marketing remains one of the more effective methods to attract customers. This is highly probable due to the email marketing professionals who are competent at not just creating compelling messages but also understanding appropriate audience outreach and monitoring consumer interactions and data. They would then make strategic decisions based on the data collected.  

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There are two analytical measures that marketers are continually aiming to enhance using email marketing software. They are first, the open rate which refers to the proportion of recipients who opened the email and second, the click-through rate which is the number of recipients who opened the email and clicked on a link in the email. There are several things marketers can do to make their emails more appealing to consumers and more likely to be opened, and these are the services that professional email marketers would be able to provide your business. 

Mobile Marketing

The next type of digital marketing is probably the type that we are most familiar with. Mobile marketing just so happens to be the easiest way to reach customers. This type of digital marketing emphasizes contacting your intended audience via smartphone or tablet. Mobile marketing includes text messages, social media, websites, email, and mobile applications. Marketers can customise offers or special content based on a customer's location or time, such as when they enter a store or attend an event. Marketers understand that you must carry your message to your customers where they are, and the evidence is clear, your potential customers are most probably on their phones.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of performance-based advertising in which you are compensated for promoting the products or services of others on your website. There are two examples of affiliate marketing channels. The first is through the YouTube Partner Program. This is where you can host video adverts on channels of famous YouTubers. 

The second example is to use your social media profiles to share affiliate links. This is an example of the relatively recent influencer marketing trend. Using influencers to create a campaign can be a very effective type of affiliate marketing. Finding the proper content creators for your digital campaign might help you take it to the next level.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a website traffic-increasing method in which the publisher receives payment each time the ad is clicked. One of the most prominent sorts of PPC is Google Ads. It allows you to pay "per click" for the links you place on Google's search engine results pages, by allowing you to pay for top placements on the search engine results pages of Google.

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PPC can also be used on other channels such as Facebook. This refers to Paid Facebook ads. Here, users can pay to personalise a video, image post, or slideshow, which Facebook will then post to the news feeds of people who fit your company's target demographic.

The third channel that can be used is Twitter. Twitter Ad Campaigns are where users can pay to have a series of posts or profile badges placed in the news feeds of a certain audience. This is all to achieve a specific goal for your business. Increased website traffic, Twitter followers, tweet engagement, or even app downloads could all be part of this goal.

Lastly, the PPC strategy can be used on LinkedIn. With Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn, users can pay to send messages to specific LinkedIn users based on their industry and history.

Now, you know the types of digital marketing strategies that are used by professionals to aid your business in its marketing process. You will be able to determine which of Republic Malaysia’s digital marketing strategies will be suitable for your business. Click here for more info on Republic.

5 principles for constructing your first house from the ground up

Many individuals are apprehensive about starting from scratch when it comes to house construction. However, there are some benefits to building your own house. You have total control over the style and placement of your home when you build it yourself. Another advantage of constructing your own house is that you can make it exactly as you want it. You have the option of having an open concept and deciding how many rooms you want.

Here are some pointers to consider if you're going to construct your own house from the ground up:

1. Create a Budget That Is Realistic

You should first evaluate your budget before deciding on the size of your first home and the resources you'll need. It's critical to have a realistic estimate of how much money you can spend. Many items must be paid for, including unit building contractors, supplies, floorplans, and other design elements.

2. Gather the necessary tools for house construction.

When you decide to learn how to build a home, one of the most important considerations you'll have to make is what equipment you'll need to create the construction. When constructing a home, you need have three fundamental tools: 

  • Pneumatic Air Hammer - You can make stronger nails and hinges using a pneumatic air hammer. Compressed air is commonly used to power these hammers. You may utilize heavier materials like wood, metal, and plastic with these hammers. Cabinet rails, decking accessories, and cabinet faces may all be installed with them.
  • A saw is a tool that may make your life a lot simpler. With only a basic saw, you can cut through a lot of objects.
  • The power drill is a tool that every builder should have in his toolbox. It can perform a lot of things that a hand-held screwdriver can't, which is why it's so popular.

3. Choose The Best Quality Material

Choose some quality materials for building. Within your budget, you should select the greatest construction materials. The most common building materials include cement, bricks, wood, rocks, steel, clay, lumber, rocks, brick, concrete slabs, slabs, and concrete derivatives. Ceramics and porcelain are both interior and outdoor building materials. They're appropriate for both hot and cold climates. Glasses and marble are excellent exterior and interior design elements. Low carbon steel is typically utilized for interior and exterior doors, windows, skylights, baths, and kitchens, whereas iron-based products are mostly used for fences, railings, walls, and gates. Roofing materials such as wood, asphalt, and metal are often employed. You should also make certain that your home has a solid foundation. The majority of the structures are built fully on concrete or stone foundations. These materials are incredibly heavy, yet they offer incredible long-term stability and weather resilience.


If you're planning to construct your first house, you'll want to think about a number of things before getting started. Your final objective is to create a budget and guarantee that the home is built according to design and that it is a safe place to live. This approach relies heavily on your budget. It will determine how much material you'll need and who you'll contact as a contractor or interior designer to accomplish your design selections. Check out pipe hangers malaysia for your build. 

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Dildo for Beginners

There are a few things to consider while choosing the best dildo for beginners. To start, let's discuss the basics.


The material of your dildo is an important element to consider. Some manufacturers identify their toys as “body-safe,” but that doesn't necessarily mean they are. Look for dildos made of silicone, which is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and very soft. These toys are the simplest to clean and use.TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) are safe for bodily implantation but are porous. Porous indicates the substance has microscopic flaws that enable germs to grow under the surface and cause illness. Not to be shared between couples or used for both anal and vaginal penetration.

Stimulation Type

Next, determine your desired level of stimulation before deciding on a dildo for beginners. Do you require G-stim (for vulvae) or prostate stim (for the penis)? If so, choose a curved dildo. A broader feeling and more stretch are provided by bulbous heads. Look for a dildo with a suction-cup base for installation or a flared base to fit into a strap-on harness. Dual-density dildos are also ideal for anal penetration. Like genuine things, they feature a solid inner core and a soft outer covering. In order to become acclimated to entering items, you might utilize a single-layer dildo that is soft throughout. This kind is more fragile and should not be used for forceful penetration.

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The beautiful thing about dildos is that they come in many styles. Others are physically precise, including bulging veins, skin tones, and testicles. Most novices like dildos with vivid colors, non-anatomic characteristics, or even comical aspects. The item you choose should be aesthetically appealing. If you're uncomfortable looking at your toy, you'll be uncomfortable touching and using it. Pick one that excites and arouses you.


They feature a smooth shaft, which is good for novices since it doesn't bother inner muscles. A dildo with a smooth surface is ideal for anal exploration. The sensations provided by dildos vary depending on their texture. A textured toy may be preferred over a smooth one if you love several simulations.

Smooth toys are easy to clean. If you pick a textured or decorated dildo, make careful to clean it properly to avoid germs development. And always wash your toys before and after usage.


The last criterion to evaluate is safety. A dildo for anal usage must have a flared base. This prevents the toy from being trapped or inserted too far. Regardless of the dildo, it is critical to apply the proper lubrication, particularly while doing anal penetration. In certain cases, the texture of the dildo might cause discomfort or pain during insertion. Dry silicones are notoriously lubricious.

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For best results, use a water-based lubricant Other types may deteriorate your dildo's substance, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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Best Forms of containers to Keep Spices


Spices, like many other products with short shelf life, require proper storage to guarantee that they are still functional when needed. Even when stored properly, spices quickly get stale. You'll be left with nothing but ground bark and seeds that aren't worth much. While the location in your kitchen where you store your spices is crucial, nothing affects the freshness of your spices more than the containers in which you store them. Choosing the correct containers for your spices might help them last as long as possible. Use the guidelines below to select containers that will last a long time and keep their freshness.

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Best Options: 

  1. Glass Containers

Air is undoubtedly the most harmful factor that will damage the freshness of your spices. You should avoid storing your spices in containers that allow them to come into contact with moving air. Glass is a good choice because it is not porous, so your spices will stay safe as long as the lid fits snugly. Moisture from the air can cause some powdered spices to cake. Spices can lose their flavour due to evaporation of volatile oils when exposed to air.

The disadvantage of glass containers is that they do not provide much light protection. Transparent containers, on the other hand, have the advantage of making it easy to view and identify their contents. If you can't tell which spices are in them, you might forget about them and they'll go bad. To extend the shelf life even further, store them in a dark, cool spot.

  1. Containers that Keeps light out

After glass, metal is the next best option. Freshness is harmed by light, and metal containers are the best at preventing light from reaching their contents. Air and moisture will be kept out of your spices by using a metal container with a tight-fitting lid.

  1. Small Containers

Along with the materials, the size of the containers should be considered. When it comes to spice storage containers, smaller is usually better. A tiny container is necessary to keep the amount of air and moisture in contact with the spice to a minimum. The less vacant space in the container, the less air and moisture will enter, reducing the pungency of the spice or otherwise spoiling it.

  1. Self-sealing storage bags

Ziplock storage bags keep your spices safe from the elements and can be kept in a dark location to protect them from light. To protect these bags from direct light in a pinch, simply store them in a paper bag.

  1. Paper Bags

These are a less-than-ideal spice storage solution, but if you use whole spices instead of ground, you can still utilise them in the near term. When compared to ground black pepper, whole peppercorns will last longer. Whole cloves and cardamom are the same way. You can also buy whole nutmeg instead of crushed cinnamon and use cinnamon sticks instead of ground cinnamon.

Feeling lost on how to keep your spices without getting spoiled easily? Don’t worry! As you can go and buy spice storage containers Malaysia for more suitable containers available.