Gambling as we know it is bad for us, is it really?

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Gambling as we know it is bad for us. This is something we can all agree with. But there are still other people doing it. Why is that so? Is it that they are able to see the bigger picture or are they addicted knowing it's bad for them? After seeing this and thinking then maybe in your head you start to think is betting and gambling really that bad for us? Is it really that addictive and is it really that harmful to me? So many questions and today we are going to answer that.

There are many types of gambling this is something we know. Casino games like Slot games, Poker it is all under gambling and betting. Even in daily life sometimes we do betting on our own. So is it that bad? Do you remember as kids or college time you might tell your friends “Wanna bet how long is the red light going on for?” so he says “I put on 2 minutes” and then you say “Nah 30 seconds or so.” Do you not think this is considered betting? The only difference is that there may not be money involved. Maybe a drink or a meal. Here I am telling you that Sports betting is the same. Understandably casinos are not a good place to be at but how about betting then? Is betting that negative and without any positives whatsoever? The fact is it is all in the way you see it. We are not going to touch Casinos but betting.

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  1. It is only betting

Betting is seeing something that is a pattern or a sign of way to guess with something to exchange when somebody wins the assumption. Scientific enough? Betting is just an assumption you place on something. For example betting on what Caleb is going to get for the ice cream flavour. You bet on Chocolate because he always gets chocolate but maybe this time he picked a different one? You are assuming what he is going to get based on past experience and what happened with something to exchange when one wins the assumption. Betting is not that bad if you think of it this way. Likened to football betting. Which team are you to bet on and who do you think is going to win based on assumption. The thing that is different is you put your money on the line. If you then think of it this way and want to join in betting then you can try online football betting Malaysia and try out and see if this theory is correct.

  1. It is okay when you are not addicted

Addiction is something you develop if you like to do it and do it always. Bowling if done too much can also be called an addiction and it will bring harm like body aches when played too much and more. Badminton is the same. There is nothing in this world where you do a lot and will still reap nothing but goodness out of it. So betting similarly is not a bad thing when you are not addicted to it. It becomes harmful only when you do not know how to stop. 

There you have it. With these two simple mindsets as long as you know what you are doing and doing it with knowledge and wit you can bet and find that betting is not all bad but it is just a part of your life. With that being said, do not make it your life or it will harm you. It is a thin line and you need to be careful how you thread. 

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