About Us

The journey of life takes us all from birth to the growing years, to marriage, and beyond. Like all worthwhile journeys, we collect souvenirs along the way: Pictures of our memorable moments.

But the amazing story that is your life is so much more than a stack of snapshots buried in boring, characterless albums. It should be presented in such a charming way that would really allow you and your loved ones to revisit the magic of those bygone days. In short, special moments deserve a special showcase. At Pixart, we can help you achieve that.

Pixart’s mission is to create and provide innovative applications, designs and
packaging solutions that will enable our customers to express their joys of life in a personalized, high-quality single edition Photo Book.

Pixart (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2005, when an enterprising group of friends saw the need to create a more attractive and professional way to display photos. Based in Kuala Lumpur, we have continued to grow with consumer and market demands. We are the first Photo Book provider in Malaysia, and in keeping with our trailblazing nature, look out for even more cool products soon.