In my last article, I’ve discussed a few key differences that you can find when renting an apartment compared to that of a condo. Today, I’ll continue with the remaining differences. If you would like to read the previous article, check out part 1. Now, before I continue with the remaining differences, look into Bandar Kinrara Puchong, and check out the property there to make your home. 


Within a single apartment building, cookie-cutter designs are common. All of the one-beds, as well as the studios and two-bed units, will have a similar appearance. Like the residences in a planned neighbourhood, a structure with units of all the same size can rotate among two or three layout alternatives. If you’re searching for a lease in an older building, you may have more layout options, but not as many renovations as you would in a condo, where individual owners can make improvements to their own unit at a lower cost.

As for condos, the interiors often differ from one unit to the next, as owner preferences impact appearance. The flooring, countertop materials, and even cabinet built-ins will all differ. Because the owner wants to maintain the unit ready to sell just in case, condos might have more upgrades. If there’s something you’d like to alter while you’re living in the apartment, they might be more receptive to your suggestions.


For apartments, the first and final month’s rent, as well as a security deposit, are included in the basic apartment fees. Security deposits are normally equal to one month’s rent, so when you sign your lease, you’ll need three times your monthly rent. The application cost is another fee that you may not be aware of. This happens even before the lease is signed.

Condo costs are set by the individual owners of each unit, thus they can vary. You may be required to pay a security deposit, but there will be extra charges. You might be able to negotiate whether you put down first and last month’s rent, as well as a security deposit if that’s more than you can afford.


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It’s difficult to compile a list of facilities that can be found in every apartment building. There isn’t a whole lot of consistency. It’s also difficult to state that a certain facility is always available for free. Some of the common facilities that you would find in an apartment building are free parking, laundry services, pools, gyms and community rooms.  There’s also the possibility that an apartment building won’t have any amenities, or that those that do aren’t well maintained enough to be used. If you require laundry services or a pool, make sure you see the spaces before signing the lease to confirm they meet your requirements. Certain apartment facilities may be included in your rent, but others may be extra.

A condo building will almost certainly include all of the apartment facilities listed above, as well as a park, a playground, and a pet area with services such as dog cleaning and car washing. These facilities are available in some luxury apartments as well, but they’re more frequent in condos. In most cases, a condo’s facilities are funded by a HOA fee, which is paid by either the owner or the renter, depending on the lease.