Spices, like many other products with short shelf life, require proper storage to guarantee that they are still functional when needed. Even when stored properly, spices quickly get stale. You’ll be left with nothing but ground bark and seeds that aren’t worth much. While the location in your kitchen where you store your spices is crucial, nothing affects the freshness of your spices more than the containers in which you store them. Choosing the correct containers for your spices might help them last as long as possible. Use the guidelines below to select containers that will last a long time and keep their freshness.

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Best Options: 

  1. Glass Containers

Air is undoubtedly the most harmful factor that will damage the freshness of your spices. You should avoid storing your spices in containers that allow them to come into contact with moving air. Glass is a good choice because it is not porous, so your spices will stay safe as long as the lid fits snugly. Moisture from the air can cause some powdered spices to cake. Spices can lose their flavour due to evaporation of volatile oils when exposed to air.

The disadvantage of glass containers is that they do not provide much light protection. Transparent containers, on the other hand, have the advantage of making it easy to view and identify their contents. If you can’t tell which spices are in them, you might forget about them and they’ll go bad. To extend the shelf life even further, store them in a dark, cool spot.

  1. Containers that Keeps light out

After glass, metal is the next best option. Freshness is harmed by light, and metal containers are the best at preventing light from reaching their contents. Air and moisture will be kept out of your spices by using a metal container with a tight-fitting lid.

  1. Small Containers

Along with the materials, the size of the containers should be considered. When it comes to spice storage containers, smaller is usually better. A tiny container is necessary to keep the amount of air and moisture in contact with the spice to a minimum. The less vacant space in the container, the less air and moisture will enter, reducing the pungency of the spice or otherwise spoiling it.

  1. Self-sealing storage bags

Ziplock storage bags keep your spices safe from the elements and can be kept in a dark location to protect them from light. To protect these bags from direct light in a pinch, simply store them in a paper bag.

  1. Paper Bags

These are a less-than-ideal spice storage solution, but if you use whole spices instead of ground, you can still utilise them in the near term. When compared to ground black pepper, whole peppercorns will last longer. Whole cloves and cardamom are the same way. You can also buy whole nutmeg instead of crushed cinnamon and use cinnamon sticks instead of ground cinnamon.

Feeling lost on how to keep your spices without getting spoiled easily? Don’t worry! As you can go and buy spice storage containers Malaysia for more suitable containers available.