Learning about state revenues and expenditures cannot be separated from the role of the treasurer. The vocabulary is very familiar because almost all of our organizational structures need it. Likewise in a large-scale organization called the state, what big role does the treasurer actually have? 

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All we know about the treasurer is the one who deals with the money. Before we know the role of a treasurer, of course, we must first identify who the treasurer is. The treasurer is someone who is given the task of receiving, storing, and/or delivering money or securities or state goods. A treasurer who is obliged to report his responsibility to an audit. A treasurer is any person or entity assigned the task for and on behalf of the state/region to receive, store, pay, and or issue money/securities/state-owned goods/ area.

The Task of  Treasurer or Bendahari

By knowing who the treasurer is, of course, we realize that the task of a treasurer is not only about withdrawing money, the duties and roles of the treasurer are very broad. On a national scale, the treasurer certainly has an important role in state revenue. Several important roles of the treasurer in state revenues have been mentioned in Law No. 17 of 2003 concerning the meaning of the treasurer. The treasurer in a broad state structure is certainly not as simple as in a small organizational structure that only consists of a treasurer, but is divided into several departments. Because we relate to state revenues, the main object of this discussion is of course the revenue treasurer. 

Revenue of The Treasurer 

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The revenue treasurer has a very important role in state revenue, because in addition to receiving, storing, depositing, the revenue treasurer must also administer and account for the state revenue money. In its initial role, when a treasurer registers as a taxpayer, the fault of the personal taxpayer or business entity whose tax is deposited with the treasurer will be his personal responsibility as a tax recipient. Many ordinary people think that those who collect taxes are tax employees. Even someone working in Ebanking online malaysia could be a treasurer in the future.

In fact, if we know it turns out that someone who has a role in cutting or collecting taxes himself is not a DGT employee or tax employee but a treasurer. 

E-billing or EBanking Online Malaysia 

A treasurer has the same task as a taxpayer, namely depositing taxes which are collected to a designated bank teller or through an e-Billing application. In carrying out its obligations to pay taxes, there are other obligations that follow. If there is an error in the withholding and collection, the person responsible is not the individual/corporate taxpayer whose tax is being withdrawn but the treasurer. E-banking online Malaysia can be one of the treasurer’s responsibilities if assigned. 

In Conclusion 

From this explanation, we can conclude that the role of a treasurer in encouraging an increase in state revenues is very large. State revenue, a treasurer is also responsible for state revenues if there is an error. In addition, from the explanation above, we also know better that a person who collects taxes is not a tax employee but a treasurer. Becoming a treasurer is certainly not an easy task, apart from having many tasks, a treasurer also has a great responsibility. For that we need someone who is not only intelligent but also honest, thorough, and careful to be the treasurer. So that when carrying out his duties a treasurer can encourage the increase in state income and not make mistakes that will harm himself and the state of course.