Photo Books

Photo Book Vs Photo Album

A photo book is a professional printed and bound book where the photos are actually printed on the book’s pages. There is no sticking of photos onto the pages. Think of it as your personal single edition book. What more, with Pixart photo books you can add captions to your photos, enhance them with the software from Pixart & even lay photos out within designer themes.

A photo album traditionally requires photos to be stuck onto the album pages via glue or tape.

A Pixart photo book is artistically crafted to delight our customers. A Pixart photo book has:

  • Single sided or double sided printed pages
  • Designer themes and page layouts to enhance your photos
  • Captions (authored by you) to illustrate the story of the photos
  • A quality hard cover to protect your photo book contents and make your photos look great


Pixart photo books are printed on archival acid-free paper or photo lab quality paper. Such paper will ensure that your photo print will last for many years.

Number of pages and photos

Coffee Table Photo Books
Holds a minimum of 10 single sides printed pages along with 1 printed title page. You have the option of adding more printed pages as needed.

Photo books are also great in value as a 20 printed page double side photo book – which can hold up to approximately 200 photos – depending on the theme layout of choice.

Pricing Summary:
RM 69 – Digital Imaging Print, Single side printed pages, 10 sheets + 1 Title page sheet, Additional sheet-RM5

RM 89 – Digital Imaging Print, Double side printed pages, 10 sheets + 1 Title page sheet, Additional sheet-RM7

RM 89 – Photo Imaging Print, Single side printed pages, 10 sheets + 1 Title page sheet, Additional sheet-RM7

Pocket Photo Books
Holds a minimum of 12 pages (double-sided print) along with a printed personalised book cover with your photos. You have the option of adding more printed pages as needed.

Pricing Summary:
RM 50 – Digital Imaging Print, Double side printed pages, 12 sheets + Personalised cover with photos. Additional sheet-RM1.50

Printing Quality Options

Pixart currently offers the following print quality:

Digital Imaging Print Quality – Available For Coffee Table Photo Books & Pocket Photo Books
This quality is similar to magazine print quality or close to that of offset print presses. Digital imaging print quality allows for single-sided printed pages or double-sided printed pages.

Photo Imaging Print Quality – Available Only For Coffee Table Photo Books
This quality is exactly the same quality as you would expect of your photo prints from traditional photo labs. Photoimaging print quality allows for only single-side printed pages.

Book cover choices and design

Pixart photo book covers that are currently available include:

Coffee Table Photo Books

  • Woven fabric covers – available in black, navy blue, maroon and gray colors
  • Simulated leather – available in brown

Pocket Photo Books

  • Laminated personalised cover allowing you to choose photos and captions on a white book cover

Your Personalised Photo Book: Title Page (Applicable To Coffee Table Photo Books Only)

Pixart’s coffee table photo books are uniquely made with a cover window to allow a sneak peek into the title page – allowing your very own personalised photo book. The first page of the photo book starts on the next page.

Note: The reverse side of the title page is blank

PhotoStylist Software

Installation Overview

Installing the Pixart PhotoStylist software is simple with just 4 easy steps:

Step1: Click the download now button found on the download PhotoStylist now page
Step2: When asked, click on “Save”. Pixart suggests that you save the free software to your PC’s desktop
Step3: Double click the downloaded software icon to begin the installation
Step4: Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation

Installation – Windows Vista

Should you be running Windows Vista and currently experiencing problems in installing the .NET 1.1 Framework or Pixart’s PhotoStylist, please use the following steps:
Running .Net Framework 1.1 On Windows Vista
(1)     Right-click on the “.NET Framework 1.1 installation icon” at your saved location. Select “Run As Administrator”
Running PhotoStylist On Windows Vista
(1)     Right-click on the PhotoStylist shortcut located on your desktop. Click Properties. Switch tab to “Compatibility TAB”. Check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode” and select “Windows XP (Service Pack2)”.Close properties. Check the box “Run As Administrator”

Proceed to run the PhotoStylist software.

Getting Photos

In order to select the photos you require for your photo book, you must first:

  • Load your photos into the software’s work area – found at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the tab that says “Get Photos” and the explorer window will pop up. Then browse to the folder where your photos are stored. To view your photos in your folder, remember to set the viewing option in the explorer window to “thumbnails”
  • Highlight the photos that you want to load into the work area by clicking the open button.

Creating Pages

Pixart has included a helpful wizard to start you off in creating your personalized photo book pages. Just click on the tab marked “Create Pages” (once you’ve selected your photos) and let the wizard guide you through selecting designer themes & layouts available.

Creating The Title Page (Applicable To Coffee Table Photo Books Only)

The title page is the first page in your photo book. Select an appropriate photo to be fitted into the title page. The die-cut hole on the front of your photo book cover will allow for a “sneak peak” into the title page, thus allowing for the photo book to be personalized.

In order to create the title page, just click on the tab marked “Create Title Page”

Creating The Book Cover (Applicable To Pocket Photo Books Only)

The pocketbook cover contains 5 photo slots for you to place your favourite photos. In order to create the book cover, just click on the tab marked “Create Book Cover”. You may reuse a photo already added to the content pages. Complete the cover design by adding a title and subtitle.

Using The Wizard

With PhotoStylist’s built-in wizard, you will be able to

  • Select a designer theme and matching layout for your photo book
  • Select among the many fonts provided by Pixart
  • Add a white border effect to all your photos
  • Enable the filename to be populated in the photo’s caption area (time saving if captions exist as the filename)
  • Enable the “autofill” function to populate your entire photo book without having to drag and drop photos from the work area (time saving especially with the Edge 2 Edge theme”


Within photo stylist, you will find an array of designer themes. Each theme has been designed to personalize and enhance your photo book pages. You may also wish to select an appropriate theme for your photos.

For example, The Storyteller theme series is very suitable for activity-based events such as travel & adventures & holidays photos

More themes are available in the “See Themes” section of the Pixart website. Themes are available for download – for Free!

Adding Effects

PhotoStylist allows you to touch up your photos with a click of a button. Among the effects available include:

  • Crop
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Mirror
  • Rotate
  • Zoom
  • Sepia & Grayscale
  • Sharpen & Smoothen
  • Remove grains
  • Add photo borders & other effects (Note: Avoid photo borders at page edges due to paper edge trimming when your photo book is made) 

Adding Captions & Choosing Fonts

Photo books make great keepsakes and gifts as you can easily add captions to your photo book pages. Relive your moments by describing your adventures or that happy moment by adding your personal words to each photobook page.

Captions can be added by merely double-clicking on the text box. A text box will appear depending on the theme you had selected.

Choosing an appropriate font can also add a creative touch to your pages. Select from the various fonts provide in PhotoStylist that range from the bold Tahoma to the classy script GE Amazonia Font.

Just click on the box “text font” when you are editing your captions. You can also choose to apply a font for the entire photo book by going to the settings menu (found on the top of the photo stylist screen).

Previewing your photo book

Once you have created your photo book, it is best to preview the entire book to ensure that spelling mistakes and adjustments made to photos are in order.

You can access the preview function by clicking on “FILE” found in the top menu

Purchase, Payment & Shipping

Purchase process

Purchasing a photo book from Pixart can be completed in 4 easy steps:

Step1: Once you have completed creating & finalising your photo book in PhotoStylist, fill in the customer purchase details on the purchase page
Step2: Click the button labelled “Upload File To Purchase Photo Book”. If you do not see this button, please use the scroll bar to scroll down
Step 3: You will be asked for your credit card details in order to make payment. Please key in your credit card details on the secure payment page. Pixart has appointed CommercePayment.com to process your credit card details.

Should you be paying via a prepaid code, key in the appropriate code in the prepaid input field. Click SAVE, followed by clicking OK to complete your transaction.

Step 4: Once your credit card transaction has been approved, Pixart will produce and courier your photo book

Payment Method

Payments for photo books can be made via credit card & prepaid code. Pixart currently accepts the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Should you wish to pay via Maybank ATM transfer (applicable to Malaysian customers only), please contact customerservice@pixart.com.my

Delivery Method

Delivery service is available via Pos Laju (courier service). Please contact customerservice@pixart.com.my relating to any inquiries you may have about the status of your delivery.

Countries Served & Delivery Charges

Pixart is currently servicing the following countries and shipping rates are listed below:

PocketBookCoffee Table BookShipping Destination
RM 6RM 6Peninsular Malaysia (anywhere)
RM 9RM 9Sabah & Sarawak
RM 25RM 28Singapore
RM 40RM 48Brunei
RM 40RM 50Indonesia
RM 40RM 50Thailand
RM 47RM 61Hong Kong
RM 40RM 61Philippines
RM 50RM 72India
RM 66RM 83Australia
RM 66RM 83New Zealand
RM 77RM 110Germany
RM 77RM 110UK
RM 72RM 110USA
RM 61RM 121Canada
RM 94RM 165South Africa
RM 99RM 198Rest Of The World

Note: Need to convert shipping charges to your local currency? Take me to the Currency Converter

Turnaround time (Production & Shipping)

Your photo book will be processed and completed within 5 working days. Working days include Monday – Friday excluding public holidays.

Day 0 (Zero) is the day your photo book order reaches Pixart via upload. Day 1 is the following day and Day 5 is the completion & shipping date.

Pixart will send an email to inform you of the status of your purchase. Once your photo book order is completed, it will be couriered via Pos Laju. Transit time will vary according to your mailing/shipping address.

Should you have any enquiries relating to your purchase & shipping, please email Pixart at customerservice@pixart.com.my

Satisfaction guarantee policy

Pixart guarantees against any manufacturing defect of our photo books. Customers may opt for a full refund or reproduction of their photo book upon receiving their order. More information on Pixart’s satisfaction guarantee policy can be found in the terms and privacy section

Secure Payment

Credit card transactions with Pixart takes place in a secure transaction window. Once you have confirmed your purchase details, you will be transferred to the secure transaction window. To ensure that you are within a secure transaction window, look for the “lock” icon at the bottom of the page.

Credit Card payment processor – Commecepayment.com

CommercePayment.com is Pixart’s appointed online credit card payment processor. Please note that commercepayment.com will appear on your credit card for your photo book purchase transaction

Transaction ID

Upon Pixart receiving your photo book file, a unique transaction ID will be given to you. Example: 20051012-2b2b6bb4. Please use this Order Reference Number for enquiries relating to your order