best pressure cooker to buy Malaysia

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Interested in learning how to use a pressure cooker? Whether you’re in the market for a basic pressure cooker or one with a few additional bells and whistles, we’ve got you covered.

New kitchen equipment might be nerve-wracking, but utilizing our pressure cooker buying guide can help you entirely transform the way you cook at home. You’ll soon have your own pressure cooker and be able to experiment with the many dishes that may be made with it. Choosing the best pressure cooker to buy Malaysia is essential for this reason.

This is the finest choice for a pressure cooker, according to our trial kitchen.

To begin, think about the scale

Do you intend to eat alone or with a companion? Do you plan to use your pressure cooker to cook for a big group of people, such as hosting a dinner party? A pressure cooker’s size is an important factor to consider while making your purchase. A three-quart Instant Pot may be plenty for two or three people if you only intend to cook for a few people at a time. There are, however, six- and eight-quart versions available!

It’s important to remember that for most recipes, pressure cookers should only be filled around two-thirds of the way; however, items that develop foam during cooking, such as 30-minute beans and rice with ham and sausage, should only be filled halfway.

It’s All About the Liner

Electric pressure cookers come with a variety of liner choices. Stainless steel is utilized in many, including the popular Instant Pot brand. A dishwasher-safe version of this material is available for those who insist on using it over and over again. Other pressure cookers, like this one from Crock-Pot, include nonstick inserts that make cleaning much easier. Working with this kind of material requires more care due to the material’s susceptibility to chipping and scratching.

Because of this, the decision rests solely on whether or not it is easy to clean up or maintain. There isn’t a wrong answer!

Food Preparation Methods That Don’t Use Pressure

best pressure cooker to buy Malaysia

If you’re looking for an electric pressure cooker that has a broad range of other settings, you’ll want to check out the multi-cookers. Consider all of your alternatives before making a purchase. There are a variety of options for low and slow cooking, steaming, and even making yogurt in certain models that you’ll find (you can get a full explainer on all those buttons here). A multi-cooker with ten cooking options may not be necessary for you, so you should choose a less complicated model to save money.

Precautionary Steps

In order to protect themselves from the dangerous steam and pressure, these cookers must have safety measures in place. Keep a look out for features like pressure-releasing valve stems, locking lids, and ergonomic handles constructed of heat-resistant materials, all of which help to keep the pot closed. These are all the features you should look for when purchasing a pressure cooker. In addition, be sure you know how to safely release the steam from your Instant Pot.

Pricing tiers

Pressure cookers are offered in a variety of price ranges. Low-tech cooktops may be purchased for less than twenty bucks. Furthermore, high-end Instant Pots with a slew of options and a smartphone connection may cost upwards of $300. So many pressure cookers are on the market that it may be simpler for you if you determine how much money you are ready to spend before you begin your search.