Bringing life into the world is one of the most beautiful blessings a mother can do, but with great power comes great responsibility. The challenges and the life of a mother are incomparable to anything, as mothers are constantly making sure their newborn babies are comfortable and healthy. One of the biggest challenges that mothers have to go through is breastfeeding, as not all mothers have the privilege to experience a smooth breastfeeding session with their little bundle of joy. With the struggles of breastfeeding, it is understandable for mothers to find the best breastfeeding cream to soothe their sore breasts. 

best breastfeeding cream

What to look for in a breastfeeding cream?

Breastfeeding creams are normally made up of an ingredient called lanolin, which is a waxy substance derived from sheep. Lanolin helps moisturise cracked and sore nipples, which helps a lot for mothers who are struggling with breastfeeding their babies. However, if mothers or babies are allergic to wool, then it is best to avoid lanolin and opt for other products that contain shea butter, coconut oil or olive oil instead. 

What happens if the wrong breastfeeding cream is chosen?

If the wrong breastfeeding cream is not baby-friendly, it will definitely cause some complications for the baby. Despite applying it to the mother’s breast a few minutes early before breastfeeding, or half an hour before breastfeeding, there is still a small chance that the cream will still linger on the nipples when the baby latch on to it.

Are breastfeeding creams only used for breastfeeding sessions only?

No. Mothers can also use breastfeeding cream when they are pumping. Oftentimes, mothers find it to be comfortable to apply the breastfeeding cream before starting their pumping sessions. This will help mothers to feel at ease without feeling strained at their breasts, as well as feeling awkward with the pumping machine. 

Do note that if mothers continue to have persistent pain or soreness in their breasts, even after applying the breastfeeding cream, or any product that is said to relieve the breastfeeding soreness, then mothers are recommended to visit an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) to get it checked and identify ways to overcome the ongoing pain. 

best breastfeeding cream

To sum it all up, breastfeeding cream helps relieve soreness and pain in their breasts. However, if the pain is persistent, then it is ideal to get checked for further diagnosis. It is important to always double-check the chemicals and ingredients found in the cream before purchasing it to ensure the safety of newborn babies and mothers during feeding time. Opt for other suitable products if both babies and mothers are allergic to lanolin, and pump regularly. Sore and painful breasts also come from not pumping enough, making the breast milk accumulate in the breasts. 

Other than breastfeeding cream, mothers can also consider getting an electrical pump for convenience, and a nursing pillow to provide extra comfort during feeding sessions with their newborn baby.