We understand that it is intimidating and even cringy to talk about sexual topics sometimes. But that’s the issue! It should be uncomfortable, because it’s about your body. But also you need to know that if a sexual topic is too uncomfortable for you, you can always disengage. Your space should be a safe one! 

Today we will be discussing sexual health surrounding the use of sex toys. There is a lot of pressure on both men, women and enbys (non-binary people) when it comes to sex. Well, today you should forget about sex for a bit and think about masturbation just to get your body and mind more comfortable about  sexual topics! 

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What are Sex Toys?

If you still don’t know what sex toys are, fret not. We’ve done all the kinky research you will need to know what you need to know about sex toys so you won’t get caught having an interesting search history. 

Sex toys are adult toys that people can purchase to add pleasure during sex or even during solo times– in other terms, masturbation. There are some sex toys out there that can aid or alleviate medical conditions like sexual dysfunction. But, apart from that, there are many uses to sex toys and to break the taboo surrounding it– yes, it is completely healthy to use them! (or not to as well). 

There is nothing harmful to using a sex toy, especially alone. It helps you learn more about your body, what your erogenous zones are, as well as help you distinguish what your likes and dislikes are. That will definitely be helpful when the time comes for you to have sex for the first itme, as you can use the information you know about yourself and your body to guide your partner to have the best experience together. 

Other than that, people use sex toys to add to their orgasms. Perhaps, a person with a vulva cannot reach their orgasm organically, they may choose to spice up their routine with a dildo or a vibrator. It’s also known to be a great stress reliever because as we know, it releases dopamine and oxytocin which are two good hormones that are “feel-good” and can promote feelings of bonding and connection with yourself or your partner. 

Types of Sex Toys

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There are a multitude of sex toys out there, and here are some of the most common ones: 

  • Vibrators: Also known as a ‘vibe’, it is an object that vibrate and buzz to stimulate your genitals. These can be used by anyone, and it is common for people to use a vibe to stimulate their clitoris, testicles, nipples and even their penis. The best thing about vibrators, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. 
  • Dildos: Dildos are used to penetrate the vagina, anus or even mouth. They come in many shapes, sizes and can be made of silicone, metal or even break-resistant glass (which is totally safe, don’t worry.), and they are often shaped like a penis. They can be used to stimulate your prostate or g-spot. 
  • Penis rings: These are also commonly known as cock rings. These rings go around your penis or scrotum and they can slow down blood flow while it’s erect to increase sensations and make your erections last longer. They should be made of soft and flexible materials like silicone, rubber or leather (with snaps). There are some penis rings which have vibrators that can help stimulate you and your partner! It is also recommended that you only wear them for about 10 to 20 minutes because they restrict your blood flow. 

There are many more types of sex toys that you can find and try incorporating into your self-care routine. But, it’s best to do your own research before you start buying anything! And make sure that you’re completely comfortable with opening up this part of yourself. If you are looking for a place to buy these toys, you should check out Secret Cherry Adult Sex Toy Malaysia.