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Mommies! Here’s What You Need To Know About Baby Wipes!

Baby wipes are pre-moistened towelettes that are used to clean and soothe a baby's skin when changing nappies. Single-serve packets are often constructed of cotton, bamboo, polyester, and other non-woven mixes. Importantly, baby wipes have at least one moisturizing and calming component and are made with sensitive substances to avoid irritating your baby's skin. Baby wipes are ideal for cleansing both number 1 (urine) and number 2 (poop) from your baby's private regions for these reasons. Furthermore, between bathing, baby wipes are necessary for keeping your infant fresh, clean, moisturized, and comfy. You can easily purchase baby wipes or baby wet tissue in Malaysia and anywhere else, even online stores!

What is the Process of Making Baby Wipes?

Cotton, polyester, bamboo, or a nonwoven combination of various fibres soaked with water, oil, cleansers, and preservatives make up the majority of baby wipes. Baby wipe makers utilize a non-woven manufacturing technology instead of a time-consuming fabric weaving procedure (similar to how dryer sheets are made).

Do I Need a Lot of Baby Wipes?

At least one baby wipe will be used every time you change your baby's diaper. You'll usually just need one wipe for a damp diaper. You'll probably need at least two or three nappies for a dirty one. When you consider that babies might defecate up to 5-10 times each day, that's a lot of nappies and wipes to go through! Typically, a container of baby wipes contains roughly 50 wipes. So plan on using three packs per week for the first six months, two packs per week for the next six months, and one and a half packs per week after that.

baby wet tissue malaysia

What are the prices of baby wipes?

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes are the cheapest baby wipes on the market, costing roughly 2 cents per wipe when purchased in bulk. The Honest Company Baby Wipes are the most costly baby wipes on the market, costing roughly 7 cents each wipe. The Burts Bees baby wipes are around the same price. For roughly 4-5 cents each wipe, you can obtain really high-quality baby wipes in the middle. At around 4 cents each wipe, you can get Babyganics and Bloom Baby wipes. Expect to spend around $30 USD each month on baby wipes for the first six months of your baby's life, then a little less when your child grows older.

What is the Best Way to Store Baby Wipes?

Unopened baby wipes should be kept in a cold, dry place. The majority of baby wipes have a one-year expiry date from the date of manufacture. To avoid drying out or forming bacteria, try to utilize the wipes before they expire, such as by using the older packs first. When you've opened a box of baby wipes, be sure to reseal it after each use. If you leave the package open with a wipe partially exposed, it will dry up within a few hours. Some baby wipe packets have a flip-top lid, but the majority have a resealable adhesive label that you peel up and put back down. Although it is not required, some parents choose to keep an opened pack of baby wipes sealed and heated in a baby wipe warmer.

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