In my last article, I wrote about what is digital marketing as well as explained a few types that are used in the market today. Today I’ll continue with the remaining digital marketing services that are offered by Republic. Be sure to check out part 1 right here. 

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective marketing methods, despite the rise of social media, smartphone apps, and other platforms. It can be utilised as a part of a content marketing strategy to provide value to customers and eventually convert them into paying customers. Research has shown that to date, email marketing remains one of the more effective methods to attract customers. This is highly probable due to the email marketing professionals who are competent at not just creating compelling messages but also understanding appropriate audience outreach and monitoring consumer interactions and data. They would then make strategic decisions based on the data collected.  

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There are two analytical measures that marketers are continually aiming to enhance using email marketing software. They are first, the open rate which refers to the proportion of recipients who opened the email and second, the click-through rate which is the number of recipients who opened the email and clicked on a link in the email. There are several things marketers can do to make their emails more appealing to consumers and more likely to be opened, and these are the services that professional email marketers would be able to provide your business. 

Mobile Marketing

The next type of digital marketing is probably the type that we are most familiar with. Mobile marketing just so happens to be the easiest way to reach customers. This type of digital marketing emphasizes contacting your intended audience via smartphone or tablet. Mobile marketing includes text messages, social media, websites, email, and mobile applications. Marketers can customise offers or special content based on a customer’s location or time, such as when they enter a store or attend an event. Marketers understand that you must carry your message to your customers where they are, and the evidence is clear, your potential customers are most probably on their phones.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of performance-based advertising in which you are compensated for promoting the products or services of others on your website. There are two examples of affiliate marketing channels. The first is through the YouTube Partner Program. This is where you can host video adverts on channels of famous YouTubers. 

The second example is to use your social media profiles to share affiliate links. This is an example of the relatively recent influencer marketing trend. Using influencers to create a campaign can be a very effective type of affiliate marketing. Finding the proper content creators for your digital campaign might help you take it to the next level.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a website traffic-increasing method in which the publisher receives payment each time the ad is clicked. One of the most prominent sorts of PPC is Google Ads. It allows you to pay “per click” for the links you place on Google’s search engine results pages, by allowing you to pay for top placements on the search engine results pages of Google.

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PPC can also be used on other channels such as Facebook. This refers to Paid Facebook ads. Here, users can pay to personalise a video, image post, or slideshow, which Facebook will then post to the news feeds of people who fit your company’s target demographic.

The third channel that can be used is Twitter. Twitter Ad Campaigns are where users can pay to have a series of posts or profile badges placed in the news feeds of a certain audience. This is all to achieve a specific goal for your business. Increased website traffic, Twitter followers, tweet engagement, or even app downloads could all be part of this goal.

Lastly, the PPC strategy can be used on LinkedIn. With Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn, users can pay to send messages to specific LinkedIn users based on their industry and history.

Now, you know the types of digital marketing strategies that are used by professionals to aid your business in its marketing process. You will be able to determine which of Republic Malaysia’s digital marketing strategies will be suitable for your business. Click here for more info on Republic.